Engine/Chassis Features

EarthDreams® Technology Engine

What’s the Benefit?

Ample power provides fulfilling performance, while this engine design also contributes to enhanced fuel efficiency and emissions control.

The Feature:

Fit’s EarthDreams® Technology 1.5-liter engine features direct injection to help provide both power and fuel efficiency.

  • The dual overhead camshaft i-VTEC® valvetrain features the refinement of Variable Timing Control™ on the intake cam.
  • Both the intake and exhaust valves feature large diameters for high airflow capacity.
  • The compression ratio is 11.5:1, helping to provide excellent responsiveness.
  • Special designs for the piston crown and intake port combine to provide a high-tumble intake charge for enhanced combustion efficiency.
  • The engineers even focused on low engine weight, designing this powerplant with four crankshaft counterweights instead of eight.
  • And individual main-bearing caps replace the larger bearing-cap structure of older designs.
  • The effect of all this work is significant: Peak horsepower is 13043 on 6MT models and 128 on CVT cars, while maximum torque is 114 pound-feet44 on 6MT vehicles on 113 on CVT models.