Exterior Features

High-Performance Aerodynamics

What’s the Benefit?

Aside from the extremely purposeful image it projects, the Civic Type R has numerous exterior features that enhance high-speed performance driving.

The Features:

Several exterior features of the Type R make it slip through the air with less resistance, while also increasing downforce for greater grip in corners.

  • The underbody spoiler kit helps reduce lift at high speeds, helping to maintain highly accurate handling and stability.
  • Wider front fenders and the flared rear-fender design accommodate the beefy 245/30 ZR20 tires; the trailing-edge vents in the front fenders also allow greater engine-compartment cooling in tandem with the functional hood scoop.
  • The hood is constructed of aluminum, saving 11.7 lbs over a steel component.
  • The quartet of vortex generators at the top edge of the hatch creates a controlled turbulence that enhances the effectiveness of the wing spoiler in creating downforce at high speeds, for improved grip and stability.