Exterior Features

Innovative In-Bed Trunk®

What’s the Benefit?

This signature feature unique to Ridgeline gives owners additional secure storage for greater versatility and peace of mind.

The Feature:

A unique feature of the Honda Ridgeline is its 7.3-cubic-foot lockable In-Bed Trunk.

  • The opening is expansive and can easily accommodate large items such as golf bags, or even an 82-quart cooler.37
  • A special lip on the lid channels water around the edge of the trunk opening.
  • The trunk is made out of the same durable composite material as the bed and features two molded-in bag hooks, as well as guides that allow for the installation of dividers.
  • A drain plug is located in the floor of the trunk to drain any spilled liquids or accumulated water from wet items, such as a cooler or swimsuits.
  • An emergency release is built into the underside of the lid.
  • For valet parking, the driver can deactivate the trunk lock with a switch inside the glove compartment.
  • The compact spare tire is securely housed in the forward part of the trunk and is easily accessed via a sliding tray.
  • The spare tire can be bolted to an alternate storage location on the bed wall, which is useful when the bed is loaded and the trunk’s storage location would be inaccessible—or when securing a full-size flat tire on the way to the dealership or tire facility.