Interior Features

8-inch Display Audio with High-Resolution Electrostatic Touch-Screen (EX and above)

What’s the Benefit?

The Display Audio gives front-seat occupants fingertip control over the myriad of technological features available on the Pilot.

The Feature:

The Pilot presents an exceptionally high-resolution Display Audio.

  • Those in the front seat can interact with a wide variety of apps; they include:
    • Audio system
    • Phone
    • Customizable settings
    • Apple CarPlay™16 integration
    • Android Auto™17 integration
    • Navigation (if equipped)34
    • RES (if equipped)
    • CabinTalk™ (if equipped)
    • Select third-party apps (if installed)
  • On the home screen, the app icons feature color coding to help identify them more quickly:
    • Blue: Audio
    • Red: Navigation (if equipped)
    • Green: Phone/SMS/Email
    • Orange: Onboard systems such as CabinTalk™ (if equipped)
    • Purple: RES
    • Gray: Third-party apps (if installed)
  • Home, Back and Brightness touch controls are along the left side, as well as a volume/power knob.
  • Along the top of the display, three customizable shortcut icons for frequently used apps are always available, along with a quick audio-source selection icon, the current audio source information, a collection of status indicators and a digital clock.
  • An “All Apps” icon on the bottom edge presents a list of all the installed apps; it’s where you can remove and stash rarely used apps from the main display area.
  • In addition to using the USB Audio Interface, the information and entertainment software is updatable via Wi-Fi.

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