Engine/Chassis Features

10-Speed Automatic Transmission (Touring and Elite)

What’s the Benefit?

Honda has equipped select Odyssey models with a 10-speed automatic transmission in an effort to further improve dynamic performance, fuel efficiency36 and quiet refinement.

The Feature:

Odyssey Touring and Elite feature the first 10-speed automatic transmission in a minivan.

  • With its wide ratio span, this transmission offers strong acceleration while allowing a low engine speed on the highway, for quiet operation.
  • Precise matching of ratios with the driving situation results in excellent fuel efficiency36.
  • The transmission’s control unit allows 4-gear downshifts for exhilarating acceleration during merging and passing.
  • Paddle shifters enhance driver control, with double-gear downshifts in higher gears for improved response.
  • When towing, the driver has greater control over engine braking on downhills with the paddle shifters as well.