Interior Features

Honda LaneWatch™ (EX, Touring)

What’s the Benefit?

Honda LaneWatch™15 adds confidence and convenience when driving on roads with multiple lanes of traffic.

The Feature:

Honda LaneWatch™15 is featured on select Insight models.

  • It uses a camera located below the passenger-side mirror to display an expanded rear view of the passenger-side roadway through the Display Audio screen.
  • The image appears when the right-turn signal is activated or a button on the end of the stalk is pushed.
  • The normal field of view for a passenger-side mirror is approximately 18 to 22 degrees; however, the Honda LaneWatch™15 field of view is about four times greater—around 80 degrees.
  • This is enough to allow drivers to see more than two complete lanes to the right rear—up to 164 feet.
  • The system enables the driver to see traffic, as well as objects or pedestrians, in a vastly expanded area.

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