Engine/Chassis Features

Clarity Fuel Cell Powertrain

What’s the Benefit?

The Clarity Fuel Cell’s advanced powertrain is designed to provide ample responsiveness on the road, while its only tailpipe emission is pure water.

The Feature:

The Clarity Fuel Cell is essentially an electric vehicle that uses a hydrogen fuel cell as its primary power source.

  • The electricity supplied by the fuel cell and hybrid-like storage battery powers an electric motor that drives the front wheels.
  • The storage battery is designed to enhance efficiency by capturing free kinetic energy during deceleration and regenerative braking; the battery—located under the front seats—helps power the drive motor as well.
  • Honda’s signature achievement with the Clarity Fuel Cell was to create a powerful fuel-cell powertrain small enough to fit under the hood, helping to allow room in the cabin for 5 occupants.
Drive Motor Power and Torque Clarity Fuel Cell
Horsepower (Kilowatts)
174 @ 4501–9028
221 lb-ft @ 0–3,500 rpm