Interior Features

Innovative Storage Solutions

What’s the Benefit?

Civic’s smart design allows drivers and passengers to bring must-have items along for the ride and—in many cases—keep them close at hand, for exceptional convenience.

The Feature:

The Civic Sedan provides an excellent level of storage utility for its compact size.

  • It starts with the clever, dual-deck console just below the center stack.
  • A space for smartphones on the upper tier offers a pass-through for plugging the phone into the USB Smartphone/Audio Interface2 at the front of the lower deck.
  • Small items can be stored there, illuminated by an LED and cushioned by a rubber mat on select models.
  • Numerous storage areas are sized to hold common personal items, and they’re also conveniently located for easy use.
  • Beneath the sliding center armrest is a 7.2-liter storage compartment.
  • It features a sliding dual beverage holder and sliding small-item tray that’s perfect for loose change or business cards.
  • Both the tray and the beverage holder—and a divider in the bottom to help keep things organized—are removable to accommodate a sizable tablet computer.
  • Civic Sedan also offers large, accommodating pockets in each door.
  • And select models add a pair of beverage holders for rear-seat occupants.

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