Engine/Chassis Features

Intelligent Variable Torque Management™ (i-VTM4™) All-Wheel-Drive System

What’s the Benefit?

The i-VTM4 system is a proactive all-wheel-drive design that enhances confidence in almost any weather condition—and makes handling more enjoyable even on dry pavement.

The Feature:

Drivers of AWD Pilot models are the beneficiaries of a highly innovative all-wheel-drive system.

  • It comprises a single housing at the rear axle, featuring a lightweight, cast-alloy casing.
  • It allows variable front-to-rear distribution of engine torque to direct power to those wheels with traction.
  • This design offers a highly sophisticated level of performance, thanks to a pair of electro-hydraulically actuated clutch packs, one to drive each rear wheel.
  • The clutches can be engaged separately, allowing variable amounts of torque to be sent to each rear wheel independently.
  • The system can therefore respond much more precisely to traction needs at the rear wheels to enhance stability and propulsion in low-friction conditions such as ice and snow.
  • The system can even enhance dry-weather handling performance by sending additional torque to the outside rear wheel when turning, helping the Pilot carve through corners with a much more natural, confidence-inspiring feeling.