Engine/Chassis Features

Clarity Electric Powertrain

What’s the Benefit?

The Clarity Electric’s advanced powertrain is designed to provide ample responsiveness on the road while creating zero tailpipe emissions.

The Feature:

The Clarity Electric is propelled by a torque-rich electric motor powered by a pair of large storage batteries.

  • The storage batteries are designed to enhance efficiency by capturing free kinetic energy during deceleration and regenerative braking; the batteries are located under the front and rear seats.
  • The compact size of the batteries allows the Clarity Electric to provide exceptional spaciousness and comfort for 5 occupants.
Drive Motor Power and Torque Clarity Electric
Horsepower/Kilowatts (SAE net @ rpm)
161/120 @ 4000-9500
Torque (lb-ft @ rpm)
221 @ 0-3500