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Honda Paint (All)

What’s the Benefit?

A beautiful, long-lasting finish enhances the enjoyment and value of all Honda products.

The Feature:

The Honda painting process involves several critical steps:
•   Each body is cleaned and degreased, and then undercoated by immersion in a zinc-phosphate bath.
•   The body is then dipped in a soluble, electro-deposited primer.
•   To prevent dust and moisture from accumulating in critical areas, special sealants are sprayed into crevices and seams in the body.
•   Areas of the body that are susceptible to stone and gravel damage are coated with a special anti-chipping primer.
•   An intermediate primer coat is applied, followed by either a polyester-resin or acrylic-resin top coat.
•   Metallic and pearlescent paints receive an additional clear coat.