Shared Technologies : Exterior Technology

Body/Chassis Design and Corrosion Protection (All)

What’s the Benefit?

By designing against rust, corrosion and road damage, Honda engineers help ensure many years of reliable performance.

The Feature:

All Honda vehicles utilize unibody construction.
•   The body and frame are made of steel stampings robotically welded into strong box sections; the outer-skin panels contribute to the integrity of the unibody.
•   Extensive corrosion protection is built in at the time of manufacture.
•   All body panels are made of rust-resistant, electro-galvanized steel or aluminum alloy.
•   Panels are joined to eliminate traps where water can collect, helping prevent rust.
•   A special chip-resistant paint is applied along the lower body sides to fend off stone damage, and body seams are protected by a sealer that helps keep out dust and moisture.
•   Plastic wheelwell liners, splash guards and rocker panels help protect the underside from chipping.