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SOHC i-VTEC® 4-Cylinder (HR-V)

What’s the Benefit?

The main advantage of this system is that it provides powerful performance and increased fuel efficiency.36

The Feature:

This single-overhead-camshaft valvetrain uses a system that represents advanced i-VTEC® technology. 

  • The intelligent VTEC® system switches the valve timing for maximum efficiency during startup and acceleration. 
  • To achieve powerful performance once cruising with a light engine load, this version of SOHC i-VTEC automatically delays closing the intake valves. 
  • During low-rpm operation, intake air is drawn almost exclusively through one intake valve, which helps fill the cylinder more completely and also creates a strong swirl effect to maximize combustion. 
  • At higher rpm, both intake valves are opened, which substantially increases air and fuel flow into the cylinder to boost performance.