Interior Features

Instrument Panel

What’s the Benefit?

The Odyssey instrument panel places a wealth of key information directly in front of the driver, allowing significant interaction while helping to minimize the possibility of distraction.

The Feature:

The instrument panel includes several key items:

  • At the very top, the Eco Assist™ ambient meter encourages efficient driving techniques.
  • Just below that, a linear tachometer keeps track of engine speed; it can be hidden if desired.
  • A large digital speedometer occupies the center of the space below the tach; to its left is the transmission gear indicator, and the ACC/LKAS display is to its right.
  • Predominant in the middle of the panel is the Driver Information Interface (DII), a customizable display that lets drivers interact with various systems; see the DII article for more information.
  • To the very left-hand side of the instrument panel is a large engine-temperature display; it’s mirrored on the right by an easy-to-read fuel gauge.
  • Several informational and warning indicators occupy the intervening spaces.