Engine/Chassis Features

Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) with G-Design Shift

What’s the Benefit?

The Honda CVT makes for convenient driving while providing fulfilling performance and enhanced fuel efficiency.

The Feature:

Civic models make available a pair of continuously variable transmissions (CVT).

  • The Honda CVTs provide an outstanding driving experience along with superb fuel efficiency.36
  • The CVT allows the engine to always operate at the optimum rpm level, enabling maximum efficiency under all driving conditions.
  • Additional benefits of the transmission are lighter weight, more compact dimensions and greater torque capacity than a typical automatic transmission.
  • Excessive engine revving is a common negative characteristic of conventional CVTs; the Civic CVTs’ ingenious G-Design Shift feature bypasses this condition through improved pairing of CVT and torque-converter functions.
  • The result is an optimized CVT driving experience that is more linear and sporty than competitive CVT systems.
  • In brief, the G-Design Shift allows the transmission to distribute greater power from the engine to the wheels.
  • As a result, the driver and passengers will feel like the engine is revving less to propel the vehicle than in typical CVT-equipped vehicles.