Interior Features

CabinControl® (EX and above)

What’s the Benefit?
Passengers can control several features of the Pilot using their compatible smartphones, a remarkable convenience.

The Feature:
Up to eight compatible devices can be linked to the CabinControl® system via the Wi-Fi feature of the Display Audio.

  • The HondaLink®22app must be downloaded to each compatible device.
  • All basic audio functions—except for volume—can be controlled by each device.
  • It gives full control of the rear climate-control functions (unless the Rear Lock has been engaged up-front).
  • An amazing feature allows songs stored on each device to be added to a Social Playlist and played over the Pilot’s audio system.
  • On RES-equipped models, the RES remote and its functions can be duplicated on each connected device.
  • On models with the Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System™34, connected devices can send address and point-of-interest information to the Navi system.

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